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StalkDean is unique in England. The reason is that there is nothing to compare to the combination of the native Fallow deer herd, together with the burgeoning Feral Wild Boar population, all in an extensive historical woodland environment - the Forest Of Dean, West Gloucestershire.

The perfect environs, and successive mild seasons, have facilitated population growth of large wild mammals, and a lack of effective management policy amongst interested parties, has exacerbated the issue.

We are delighted to offer game and wildlife management services to farmers, foresters, and landowners affected by predation, throughout the Forest Of Dean and surrounding areas. Effective control of deer, boar, hares, rabbits and foxes, are all specialities. In most cases, our service is free and, on occasion, we are able to actually pay for rights (depending upon the game yield envisaged).

StalkDean has an underlying priority to manage wildlife for; animal health, environmental improvement, and protection from fiscal losses by other land users.

In addition, we have an ambition to extend sporting opportunities to visiting clients, in the future.

The Forest Of Dean has a unique combination of Fallow deer and Feral Wild Boar, in a traditonal English woodland setting

The Royal Forest of Dean

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